“I believe the key to 

wellness begins in the GUT”

Do you have Hashimoto’s or another autoimmune dis-ease? Start living your most amazing thriving life NOW!


Having Hashi’s Doesn’t Have to Feel Hopeless


Having Hashimoto’s Disease lead me to discover the connection between our gut, our immune system and the rest of our body and through those discoveries I was able to navigate through brain fog, extreme fatigue, vertigo, weight gain and even a tumor in my throat.


In the years when I had the worst of the worst symptoms, I held on to the faith and hope that I would find the answers. The more research that I did led me to what Hippocrates was teaching ages ago… “All disease begins in the gut.”


As I dove deeper I discovered that I not only needed to address my gut but that my mindset and overall energy had to also be in alignment in order for me to regain my health. In my opinion you can’t have one without the others.


I developed a massive tool chest along the way. I accumulated quite an extensive knowledge of plant-based allies, ancient science and experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening. 


Through Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Pranayama, and Meditation my intuitive gifts heightened to levels. I began to “see” and “hear” what was happening in my client’s bodies. I could use my intuition to help guide and mentor my client’s healing processes. 


I use my intuition when we work together. I tune in to your frequency and listen to what serves your most divine self and we go from there. All that I share comes through me from Universal Source Energy and not from me. I am simply your wellness mentor and facilitator… your guide. 


If you are here then it is my belief that we are in alignment and meant to work together! That’s exciting! I can’t wait to know you and to help you!

Do You Trust Your Gut? 

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We all have intuition. Whether we actually listen to it or not is another story! Our intuition can guide us to make choices in life that impact our jobs, relationships, health, money & more. I want to gift you with Trust Your Gut: A Guide To Awaken Your Intuition. For the next 40 days I invite you to embark on a journey within to release your inner wisdom. 

Maria Aparis is a woman who can lead you to find the great and wonderful gifts that you didn’t know you had. Maria has a brilliant way of lighting things up for you to see them in a different way. I’m always learning something from her and find myself lighter and inspired after our conversations. As a coach Maria is not afraid to tell you what she sees, nothing is sugar-coated and I love that about her. With her guidance, I’ve realized that some of my hardest moments were just opportunities waiting to happen. Her energy work is a beautiful thing, even from 3,000 miles away. I’m grateful to have attended Maria gut therapy class for one, she’s an expert in this area and I learned a lot. Second, in that class three years ago I met a passionate and dynamic role model with an infectious smile and a great big heart. A true leader she is, and having her as a coach and a friend I consider one of my blessings.

-Rachel K .

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I found the Essential Gut Therapy class with Maria Aparis well organized. Theory and information were presented in a methodical pattern. Practical application of essential oils were demonstrated on a volunteer and one-to-one guidance was given to each class participant by Maria. I am a registered nurse with over 35 years experience including gastroenterology and endoscopy. In all my years never has the brain-gut correlation been discussed or explored. I found Maria’s class informative and enlightening that a simple learned protocol can bring such profound effects for the digestive system with essential oils and combined dietary guidelines. I highly recommend her course.

Maryanne S. 

I have been having digestive issues for years and was looking for a more natural approach. I learned so much at this class! Maria is so intelligent and committed to this issue and protocol. It was easy to follow along and she was more than willing to answer any and all questions. When it came time for the practical portion of the class she was right there helping us and making sure we understood everything. I am actually feeling better, and it has only been a week since I took the class! I am so excited to continue this protocol on myself and helping others with it. I highly recommend this class!! 

Darlene R.

I have heard of leaky gut, but never really understood it before nor heard about it in the nursing arena. The manuscript that Maria handed out simplified this information and definitely made me understand the brain- gut connection more. The information she gave after doing a lot of her own research on diet, bone broth and more are helpful tools for us to begin to heal our bodies. After taking the class, I definitely plan to do the recommended cleanse. What I liked best though was learning the protocol on how to use the essential oils, in what order and the massage technique. Definitely worth every penny! Thanks Maria!

Valerie M.

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